Financial administration

To keep Financial administration is very important for your business. The decisions that you need to take for business operations can be derived from the financial records. These data is needed to report the tax authorities, shareholders and investors. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs  do not have time to keep their financial administration and therefore RAJ Consult can help you to do this.

RAJ Consult will do this for you so you can focus on the primary processes of your business. We also do all the returns for you, such as:

  • Sales Tax Return
  • Income Tax Return
  • Income Tax Return
  • Payroll Tax Return

RAJ Consult processes the purchase and sales invoices in the purchase and sales ledger, we also make the cash and bank transactions in cash and bankbook. Based on this information you will receive periodic results list where you can see accounts receivable and accounts payable.

You can contact us for a free advice. RAJ Consult is available during office hours on 020-448 06 78 or you can e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .